• digital philosophy is a small group of creative builders, who invest time, energy and capital into new ideas.


    We build, buy and sell digital properties, and

    We invest in SaaS, developer tools, financial technology, biotechnology, and clean energy companies.

  • Portfolio & Projects

    What Should I Read Next.com is one of the largest book recommendation websites on Earth, and receives over 1.5 million unique visitors per year.


    WSIRN.com hosts authors like Matt Ridley, Peter Watts, Tiffany Dufu, and Lois Lowry every month for "Ask Me Anything" sessions.

    BookSync is a corporate book club that allows your team to learn together. Assign a set of books to everyone in your department, and watch your dashboard jump to life as the learning begins.

    Your personal mascot generated by artificial intelligence, using a machine learning algorithm. With your name and birthday, you can receive your own personal mascot, and then have it printed onto a coffee mug, or a poster.

  • About Us

    Jay Winder

    Founding Member

    Jay Winder is an Australian serial entrepreneur who built and sold two technology companies in Japan.

    Jay founded the Tokyo Hacker News community, and is an active investor, startup advisor, and music production hobbyist.

    Riho Fukuda

    Founding Member

    Marketing Communications Manager

    Riho Fukuda is a native Japanese speaker with business level English, and experience at both startups and publicly listed companies. 

    Riho manages every aspect of our marketing strategy, and is uniquely talented at launching brand new products into brand new markets.